The Facebooks
by WorryComics
Wed, July 29, 2020
I have created a Facebook page called Comics to Worry my Loved Ones.
So... You can read the comic there, too.
And at Twitter: @WorryComics.
... More options.
Checking in
by WorryComics
Fri, July 10, 2020
Hello, folks!
Just checking in.
Pugs says hello.
Quite the pandemic, eh?
Didn't see that one coming.
I've collected many comic ideas, but a downward spiral has sapped me of the motivation to actually draw them. I'll keep posting them as I drag them kicking and screaming out of me. I've recently completed a long-term project so now have more spare time than I've had for the past couple years. As such, I'm -aiming- to draw at least one comic per week from this point forward, but it'll depend on how hard the darkness monster grips me.
Happy reading!
Inspiration has struck
by WorryComics
Mon, April 13, 2020
I was going to put this comic on hiatus to work on a long-form piece, but I just broke off relationships with a couple of real doozies so have plenty of inspiration for this comic. I'm amalgamating them into one character who will appear in the next several comics.