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Comic 003 July 19

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Thu, July 12, 2018 New Tuesday and Thursday schedule

I didn't like the uneven, helter skelter way that comics were appearing on this site, so I deleted them all.

I've re-uploaded edited versions of these comics, and they'll begin appearing every Tuesday and Thursday from this point forward. I've uploaded 66 files, so that'll bring us to Feb. 21, 2019. I will continue drawing comics, so hopefully this Tuesday and Thursday schedule will continue for...ever? That's the tentative goal, anyway.

Happy reading!

- Tyler


Sun, June 10, 2018 Public Domain
Thinking on it, please consider this comic public domain. If you do use it somewhere all I ask is that you include my Twitter @WorryComics, through which I'd also be curious to learn where it ends up.
Sun, June 10, 2018 Download my comic book
I compiled the best comics of the past year into a downloadable comic book... with some (not much) original content you've yet to see. It's available for free as a .pdf at my Twitter page: @WorryComics I recommend printing it out double sided and stapling it down the side, for a comic book vibe.
Wed, May 9, 2018 Computer died
After approximately 12 faithful years, my computer has died. As such, until further notice, all comics will be uploaded straight from my phone. This will explain the occasional addition of carpet and notebook binding that I'm unable to crop out using the minimal image editing options available on my phone. Kind of lame, I know, but whatchya gonna do?
Mon, April 23, 2018 Twitter

I've created a Twitter page for this comic... @WorryComics
I'll post nonsense there on occasion.